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  Win|Win is a network of progressive organizations working together to advance racial, social, and economic equity through civic engagement.


  We envision a democracy that is equitable, empowering, expansive and equally representative. Our democracy should inspire people to participate because they see themselves and their values reflected in the policies we advocate, the campaigns we organize, and the leaders we elect.      

Commitment to Racial Justice

  Our country’s founding is rooted in racism with democratic and civic institutions created to systematically disenfranchise communities of color. Today, we are diligent in our recognition of this history as part of our commitment to undoing racism.

Welcome to Win|Win Network, a sister organization of Win|Win Action. For more detailed information about our programs, network partners, and organizational leadership, please visit Win|Win Action.

Win|Win works at the intersection of issues and infrastructure, focusing on big picture collaborative opportunities to expand civic participation and re-imagine a democracy that is rooted in racial justice. We focus on three core strategies to help advance our collective goals:


We build dynamic coalitions around strategic initiatives that will increase political participation and representation. We leverage the expertise of our partners, create clear strategy, and center shared leadership and accountability for success.

Data Analyses

We house one of the most sophisticated voter files in the nation. Our data analysis and technical assistance helps our partners develop new strategies so that we can do more of what works to inspire community engagement.

Tools & Capacity Support

We provide ongoing individual and group support to integrate best practices in member and voter engagement that builds connections between organizations and enables them to better meet their mission.

To learn more about our programs, network partners, and organizational leadership, please visit our sister c4 website

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