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Expanding the strategic use of data

We house one of the most sophisticated voter files in the nation. Our data analysis and technical assistance helps develop new strategies so that we can do more of what works to inspire community engagement.

2016 General Election Analysis Reports

Every election cycle Win/Win publishes in-depth analysis using data available from the Washington Secretary of State and Catalist. These reports highlight trends and interesting data points to help support the work of our partner organizations. If you would like to use or publish information provided in these reports please reach out to Bill BaughCheck out these 2016 election reports:

Interactive Dashboards

In an effort to make voter and census data more user-friendly, Win/Win create interactive dashboards – comprehensive data visualization tools that allow partners to access information on demographics, voter disparities, and turnout. If you would like to use or publish information provided in the report please reach out to Bill Baugh.

2016 Voter Turnout Reports: we created the following interactive dashboards that tracked ballot returns in real time leading up to the November election, which helped partner organizations adjust their GOTV plans accordingly.

Asian Pacific Islander King County Statistics is an interactive dashboard that maps the growing API communities across King County. This tool includes demographic, ethnicity, and other census and voter information for all municipalities in King County.

Data & technical support

We host the Voter Activation Network (VAN), a tool used nationally by advocates and issue campaigns to track and scale their outreach efforts. Win/Win has trained over 45 organizations across the state on data management and integration and provide ongoing technical support so partner organizations and ballot initiative campaigns are more strategic in their voter contact.

Targeting & visualization

When it comes to civic engagement, our partners need easy-to-digest information about their members, who to target for their specific issues, and the changing trends in our state. Using data analysis and innovative visual tools, we help organizations make key decisions on where to focus their time and resources.

Testing & experimentation

Win/Win is part of a national network with access to the most current information on best practices in voter participation, targeting, and data management. We firmly believe in building a culture of experimentation and learning from our peers so that we can do more of what works and stop relying on tactics and strategies that hold us back.