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Coalition building

We build dynamic coalitions with a shared purpose to increase political participation
and representation. We leverage the expertise of our partners and create
clear strategy and shared accountability for success.

Win/Win spearheads a number of coalitions to increase voter access and community power, especially focused on communities with the largest participation gaps and those least represented: young people, communities of color, and single women. We also have a history of coordinating community priority campaigns, providing planning, goal setting, and coordinating capacity that draws from the strengths of our partners and ensures the work is divided appropriately. Examples include:

Honest Elections Seattle

Win/Win coordinated the successful 2015 Honest Elections Seattle Campaign from the early strategy planning to the final field efforts. We provided ongoing support and shared accountability that resulted in a big win on campaign finance reform. Together with our partners, we had over 22,000 conversations on the phones and at the doors about the importance of ensuring people have a voice in our democracy.

Voter registration coalition

Voter registration is a staple activity among many of our partners and an important part of grassroots power building. Win/Win brings together a diverse set of organizations to create common goals, use best practices, and shared accountability in voter registration. Together, our partners have registered over 100,000 new voters since 2012.

Ballot initiatives

We play a supporting role in many local and statewide ballot initiative campaigns, providing coordination, targeting, and data expertise to help drive voter contact strategies. In the past few years, we’ve worked with our partners on Initiatives R-71 and R-74 to achieve marriage equality, I-594 for universal background checks on gun purchases, and the Seatac Minimum Wage campaign.