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What does it mean to be a partner in our network?

Our partners attest to the unique value of Win/Win’s data, technical and program support. Our long-term coalition building advances community campaigns that inspire engagement and increase civic participation.

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Capacity building & training

Effective civic engagement programs take year-round planning and coordination. Win/Win provides individual planning support, trainings and technical assistance to help our partner organizations increase their impact. We develop templates, tools, and resources that can be shared across the network and applied to organizations regardless of size or capacity. Learn more about our coalition building efforts.

Access to research & analysis

Win/Win’s connections with national groups like State Voices, the Analyst Institute, and the Brennan Center for Justice help us stay up to date on evidence-based best practices for civic engagement. We also monitor Washington’s civic landscape to produce analyses of voting trends, turnout, and disparities statewide. Partners use our targeting memos, maps, and list-match reports to evaluate and shape their campaigns and programs. Learn more about our data strategy.

Connecting organizations

Our partners attest to the strength and effectiveness of working together. Win/Win facilitates a culture of collaboration and connection to build out shared engagement plans. We convene coalitions with shared purpose where organizations can increase their impact. Partners convene around issues such as increasing the youth vote engagement, campaign finance reform and voting justice. Learn more about our coalition building efforts.

Advocacy on issues that impact organizations across the network

The policies we lead on are those systemic issues that have broad impact on organizations regardless of their issue or constituency; increasing voter access and removing barriers to participation. We have led on issues such as the Washington Voting Rights Act, Honest Elections Seattle, Automatic Voter Registration, and other voting justice reforms. Learn more about our “Rules of the Game” policies.