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About us

Since our founding in 2007, Win/Win has played a key role in winning unprecedented victories such as marriage equality, gun control and democracy reform. We provide critical civic engagement tools, resources and support to our partners.

Win/Win’s mission is to build a civically powerful network to advance social, racial, and economic equity throughout Washington State.

Why a Network?

We were founded on the fundamental belief that organizations are stronger and more effective when we work across issues and silos. By cultivating a network, we are building a shared vision to increase civic participation and create greater access and representation in our democracy, especially for those living at the intersections of race, class, and gender.

We focus on the long-term power building and structural changes needed to ensure everyone has a voice in the decisions that impact their lives. We do this by providing data & technical assistance, planning support, and best practices to over 30 organizations fighting for social and economic fairness.

Win/Win’s Theory of Change

In late 2015, Win/Win interviewed over 30 individual advocates, staff, and board members to help us define our strategic advantage and abilities to be the most effective collaborator with our partner organizations.

What developed is a new theory of change that leverages Win/Win’s strengths in data analysis and long-term thinking to bring together organizations with a shared interest in building civic power and representation.

Win/Win uses our strategic advantages in:


Long-term network

To strengthen the collective capacity of a broad community of organizations to:

Inspire civic engagement

Increase political access to advance equity

Change the political landscape

We are committed to strengthening our partners and building a sustainable network.

With that in mind, we focus our work into three program buckets:

Expanded data use

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Effective coalitions

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“Rules of the Game”

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To achieve our mission:

To build a politically and civically powerful network to advance racial, social and economic equity and thriving communities across Washington State.